Kemeny Hall & Haldeman Center, Hanover, New Hampshire

The Kemeny Hall & Haldeman Center is a Dartmouth College academic facility to accommodate the Math Department, the Ethics Institute, the Leslie Humanities Center and the Dickey Center for International Understanding, as well as classrooms and laboratories.

Located on the Dartmouth College campus, this project consists of approximately ninety-four thousand square feet. The project site is composed of steeply sloping terrain that allowed our designers the opportunity to accommodate three stories on the front Main Street facade, and a fourth, basement-entry level in the back of the building that creates access to the pedestrian quad in compliance with ADA 360 degree emergency access regulations. This building was designed using U.S. Green Building Council principles and it is scheduled to receive LEED Silver Certification at project completion.

Today the project is in its third phase, in which our design staff teamed with Richard Burke to improve pedestrian access to the Baker Berry Library and the arcade to the new and growing north campus area.








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