McLaughlin Cluster, Hanover, New Hampshire

Dartmouth College constructed the McLaughlin Cluster as part of the North Campus expansion. The two dormitory buildings contain one hundred thirty-seven thousand square feet, provide living amenities, social commons, and study rooms for three hundred forty-four occupants.

We assisted with site design, incorporating Low Impact Development strategies to reduce stormwater flow off-site, encourage infiltration back into the ground, and treat "First Flush" flow. Our site design process particularly involved locating and identifying existing underground utilities in order to site and prepare a foundation plan for the dormitory structures. Additionally, we facilitated traffic and pedestrian access improvements from Maynard Street, and teamed with Richard Burke to complete the landscape and pedestrian access on-site.

This McLaughlin Cluster was designed using U.S. Green Building Council principles, and is scheduled to receive LEED Certification after completion.

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