About Us

Pathways Consulting, LLC provides land use planning, surveying, civil and environmental engineering, and construction assistance. With a staff of approximately thirty-five, we strive to maintain a diverse client base that includes local, state, and federal governments, institutions, industries, and commercial and residential interests. Although most of our projects are in Vermont and New Hampshire, our experience and licensing allows us to provide services for clients in other New England states.

The goal of Pathways Consulting, LLC is simply to provide all our clients with professional, creative, and efficient service. To accomplish this goal, our personnel strive to provide experienced, knowledgeable project representatives in-house and in the many teams we form to meet our clients’ needs. In addition, we work very hard to minimize the size and complexity of the corporate structure we present to our clients. We are able to streamline our efforts by developing reasonable schedules with client input, addressing budget needs, and communicating during all project phases. We provide diverse services within a limited staff size for versatility and greater understanding among all our staff members. Our diverse capabilities also allow us a greater opportunity to match individual skills with specific client needs. We use quality control, regulatory knowledge, and our excellent people skills to address a broad spectrum of client and project needs.

Teaming is a concept we believe in to provide experts in specific disciplines, develop solutions from many perspectives, and address critical scheduling requirements. We have successfully teamed with many firms by establishing both short-term and long-term relationships with other consulting firms that share our planning, design, and land use philosophies. As professionals, we are stewards of individual aspirations, public well-being, and the future of our community.

Our planning and design efforts maintain “green” concepts to provide responsible impacts in our community and on the landscape. While few regulatory agencies promulgate U.S. Green Building Council tenets, we attempt to apply these concepts in all our efforts. At the same time, we advocate for sustainable/smart growth initiatives that empower living, working, and shopping in "walkable" communities.