City of Claremont, New Hampshire

The City of Claremont required our assistance including community and Industrial Development Authority planning for multiple projects.

Specific project examples are the River Road Sewer Extension project including gravity sanitary sewers and a forcemain to serve Claremont's Route 12A industrial area; the Gully Brook Wastewater Pumping Station design sized to handle industrial flows from the Route 12A industrial area complete with backup emergency power generation; the Hanover Street Rehabilitation project including new sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, roadway reconstruction, and pre-cast, stone-faced retaining wall; the McQuade Water Storage Reservoir Feasibility Study including a water main extension, 0.5 million gallon reservoir, site evaluation and associated opinion of probable cost for each option; as well as the Automation Upgrade of Water Treatment Plant including coordination for new operational software implementation and trouble shooting.

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